Working at a technology startup

As competition at big brands continues to rise, more young jobseekers are turning to new, smaller companies. Startups are expected to grow at an astronomical rate.

Big companies are already big, so they don’t need to grow by a lot and don't innovate faster than smaller company due to bureaucratic chain of command. Scaling a startup from 0 users to millions of users is something that’s hard to fully explain. You need to experience it to actually understand.

Big companies already have an established brand, whereas startups don’t. Working at a startup, you need to be hungry, and put into good use, what were studied at University to real work all the time.
There are few reasons why you should work for a startup:

(1) Learning and responsibility

A startup forces you to adopt new skills and responsibilities to make up for the small-sized taking on the huge challenges of building an empire.

(2) Environment of Innovation

One of the most rewarding things about startups is that you can find yourself working with a team that is highly passionate and enthusiastic. This can spark inspiration on every level, leading to truly innovative ideas and developments that can help the business stand out against competitors in the greater industry.

Meetings at startups are minimised, there's a constant emphasis on making the most of every minute in the day.

(3) Be part of the next big thing

Startups have the potential to grow to an insane level. Imagine working at Google while they were still a startup? Or imagine being at Instagram when they sold to Facebook.

Even at a lesser scale, to watch a young company become more established opens up so many experiences to learn and challenge yourself.

(4) Focus on delivering real work rather than office politics

Each contribution from everyone in the team is important and by collective effort products can be delivered quickly, can respond faster to customer demand and focus is not on pushing responsibilities and other office politics


If you see yourself culturaly fit to work at a startup and willing to spend 60+ hours per week to constantly improve your programming skills and the product that you created, just like young Zuckerberg and Gates in the early stage of their company, we have the following vacancies for you:

There are no active vacancies at the moment, however if your keen to collaborate in the future, feel free to solve the
puzzle on the side

How to Apply

You like to work together with other type A personality

Preferably you have reputable contribution at GitHub and StackOverflow

Good work ethics, consistent performer

Loves to code and use software to make a difference

Score many A in programming subjects

Likes to research new open source tools

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” - Steve Jobs

Submit the following in a zip file below:

  • Resumes with photo
  • For interns, state which month to which month available
  • Students studying 2nd year or 3rd year, has deployed a mobile app or web project and having semester holiday are encourage to apply
  • SPM or O-level result
  • Transcripts (subjects taken and grade)
  • Highlight any projects completed such as link to appstore, website (with proof of ownership of that project)

If ADD = 15, BAD = 13, CAD = 14, translate the following into words and include in email subject line:




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Some other benefits of our startup

  • Calf massager
  • Exercise machine
  • Allocated biscuits
  • Brainstorming with a diversified workforce brings out ideas from different perspectives
  • Hands on learning with latest software and methodologies